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The City of Gracious Living nestled comfortably in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, the City of Upland, California, a city that has maintained much of its olden days' charm, is a perfect place to live. Whether you're in Upland to live or for a short visit to the city, you need a fast, safe and efficient means of transportation to take you around Upland easy. Accurate Automotive offers excellent car care services that best match your active Upland lifestyle!Contact Us

Accurate Automotive has been serving contented customers in Upland for many years, with many coming back for more to get a taste of the excellent Accurate Automotive car care service. With a powerful track record of more than 50 years, Accurate Automotive offers services that see you and your car enjoying each other's company for many years. Specializing in Lexus, Toyota, Honda and Acura vehicles, Accurate Automotive services include Suspension Repair, Oil Change/Scheduled Maintenance, and Major Engine and Transmission Repair. And with a professional staff with extensive experience carefully giving attention to your every car care need and handling every detail with Accurate Automotive expertise. Contact Us

Yes, Accurate Automotive's experience in car care service assures you of a reliable service that gives a money-back guarantee, assuring you that if they can't fix it, then you don't have to pay for it. Because you're free from the hassles and worries of a car that doesn't match your active and fast-paced Upland lifestyle, you're free to go up and about, to take all in the Upland fun.Contact Us

And because you and your car are in good hands with Accurate Automotive, you'll have more time to get around Upland. And get around you must because Upland has all the attractions, sightseeing, sites and activities that need touring and exploring. Euclid Avenue and the city's many older adobe and ranch-style homes; department stores including Wal-Mart at Foothills Boulevard, Montclair Plaza, Mountain Green Shopping Center and Upland Town Square; and Historic Downtown Upland, a quiet, leisurely place to shop. The Second Avenue Market is a certified Farmer's Market at the Town Center, Thursday evenings.Contact Us

So, instead of worrying about your car, Accurate Automotive lets you have fun. Go out and explore Upland, yes you can, because with Accurate Automotive taking good care of your car care needs, you'll get around Upland safe, fast and easy!Contact Us