Claremont CA Honda Accurate Automotive Clutch Repair

Claremont is a city ideally located on the eastern border of Los Angeles County, California. Ideally, because Claremont is located a comfortable 32.5 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. A college town, Claremont too is home to many educational institutions. There is a lot waiting for you to discover in this delightful California city, as you go through well-educated, tree-lined neighborhoods, amid historic buildings that have become Claremont's trademark.Contact Us

Claremont is a place that definitely sees you going up and about. You need a real efficient, fast and safe vehicle to take you around Claremont's services and facilities, attractions and recreational offerings. No worries. Your car gets the best and the most reliable automobile servicing in Claremont. Residents in the city that have enjoyed services from the company, can assure you, you're getting the best with Accurate Automotive.Contact Us

Accurate Automotive has been delivering excellent services to the Claremont community and the surrounding area, with services that include Suspension Repair, Oil Change/Scheduled Maintenance and Major Engine and Transmission Repair, in vehicles like Lexus, Toyota, Honda and Acura. And with a professional, experienced staff that sees to it you and your car are in the best care, Accurate Automotive assures you of a service that returns your pay if they can't do the job.Contact Us

With over 50 years experience backing them up, Accurate Automotive also boasts of a long list of happy and contented clients who can vouch for the company's excellent service. So go around Claremont fast, easy and stress-free because car problems are never a cause for worry when you have Accurate Automotive to see you and get you through.Contact Us

Go around Claremont's "The Village." Enjoy great buys in a delightful array of small stores, boutiques, and galleries or eat to your heart's content at the many restaurants in the place. You have all the time and the means. Yes, you can! Because Accurate Automotive in Claremont takes good care of you!Contact Us